About Us

Through rapid urbanization and technological innovation, retail is subject to change on a global scale. The increase of readily available E-commerce stores with high UX and the customers wish to have all categories of goods readily available, are the main drivers of this turnaround. Consequently, retail and E-commerce will face a continuous merge. 

Trends like click & collect as well as “curbside fulfillment” have become especially present due to the Covid-19 pandemic and are likely to remain. International trade of goods and retail will be subject to this which will result in rapid transformation of what we perceive as the standard of retail. Additionally, demand for readily available goods is spiking, especially in the highly evolved urban metropoles.  

This means; The flow of goods shifts from the point of sale (POS) towards the point of need (PON) where it fulfills customer expectations. Fully automated self– service shops will be ingrained into the urban spaces of the future, thus becoming a pillar of modern retail. It is exactly this vision that we want to contribute to.