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  • Our cloud solution enables direct interactions between manufacturers and consumers and opens up new business models.

  • We offer robotics for several applications for direct sale at the point of need (PoN) in close proximity to the customer or as a "Click & Collect" solution.

  • We facilitate 24/7 real-time dispensing of equipment and work tools in industrial operations.

  • We are reduce restrictions on deliveries in e-commerce and expanding opening hours in stationary retail.

  • Our robotics serves customers 24/7, either at the classic "point of sales" or creates a "point of need" solution for retailers and manufacturers with close proximity to the customer.

  • We service customers 24/7 at the point of need (PoN) with the downside of individual last mile deliveries - we are "economical & ecological = eco-efficient"




RetailWindow24 is a 24/7 retail robotic solution integrated into the shopping window.


RetailCube24 is a full automated micro market in a mobile design cube for retail at the point-of-need (PoN).


CareApo24 is a retail robotic solution for 24/7 sale for daily necessities including  a pick-up function. CareApo24 can integrated directly into shop windows.


Property Technology


The PickUp24 is a pick-up station servicing offline and e-commerce customers. PickUp24 is a transfer station for delivered or deposited goods with integrated communication via a management cockpit.


OfficeButler24 is a transfer station for the exchange and distribution of IT hardware, office supplies, documents etc. with integrated communication via a management cockpit with ERP interface.




Safety24 is a fully automatic small warehouse for dispensing consumables, work tools or personal protective equipment (PPE).


ToolButler24 is a modular digital locker system for dispensing and returning tools as well as for the delivery of personal protective equipment (PPE) and consumables.


ContainerStore24 is a mobile storage container with access control, control panel for delivered or deposited goods with integrated communication via a management cockpit.



AnyPay24 / DigiMat24

AnyPay24 / DigiMat24 is the alternative to cash and key payment systems for all MDB controller-based vending machines or POS systems. This "plug & play" middleware connects older vending machines to the Internet through a cloud and provides many additional digital features and apps, such as telemetry, advertising, and a host of additional business opportunities.

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