About DerAutomat

DerAutomat Harrer GmbH & CO. KG founded in 2011 stands for fully digitalized automation solutions for the dispensing of products 24/7. DerAutomat combines technique and technology at the highest level with individual solutions for different needs. The company, founded by Roman Harrer and Petra Marada-Seletzky, is located in Vienna and Kautzen (Lower Austria) and maintains a warehouse in Purkersdorf near Vienna.

DerAutomat delivers customized and customer-specifically adapted automation solutions for the following application areas:

  • Retail: DerAutomat installs an additional point-of-sale (POS) independently of shop opening hours
  • Property Technology: DerAutomat implements the optimal pick-up station for the mail order trade
  • Industry: DerAutomat enables the controlled and documented dispensing of operating materials and work utensils
  • Payment: DerAutomat offers the protocol-bridge for cashless payment and telemetry