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Additional sales outside the opening hours

More and more retailers domestically and abroad prepare for sales outside of their opening hours with vending machines. The trend is finally also clearly going in the direction of 24 hour availability in the retail area. CareApo24 — the innovative vending machine — guarantees an optimal customer service around the clock, provides for a demonstrable increase in sales and relieves your personnel.

Advantages for pharmacy operators

  • demonstrable increase in sales
  • customer retention: rapid access to specific products around the clock
  • reduction of personnel costs and relief of employees
  • integration into the existing storage facility or point-of-sale system (merchandise management system)
  • integration into the existing display window (exchange of the pane)
  • Austrian quality product with constant further development of the vending machines
  • low acquisition costs (financing or purchase)
  • fully automated information on the stock level (e.g., if a compartment of the vending machine is empty) by e-mail or text message
  • optional daily, weekly or monthly automatic evaluations of the stock level and the sale

Advantages for end customers

  • 24/7 direct product withdrawal for your customers
  • cashless payment
  • very simple operation
  • integrated delivery compartment for customer orders (incl. payment)
  • sale and withdrawal via the display window

We are the specialists for patented machines in the pharmacy sector

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Petra Marada-Seletzky

Petra Marada-Seletzky (COO)